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If you’re looking for more visibility online, we can help. We are proud to be official Google partners and are experts in helping our customers climb the Google ladder. Technical jargon can get complicated, but don’t worry – you leave that to us. Your dedicated account manager will report to you monthly to show your progress and explain things in a way that you can understand.

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Google crawling a website to not find anything due to bad SEO

Why can’t Google find my website?

There are many reasons why Google might not be picking up your website:

  • Errors in your website set up and build
  • No keyword optimisation across your site
  • No backlink history (these are links from other websites linking back to yours)
  • Your site has been blacklisted
  • Your site is brand new with no ranking power

How does it work?

To get started we will review your website, your current position on google, and look at your competitor analysis to put together a realistic plan of action to get you more leads.

Our SEO campaigns include:

  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
  • Improvements to your website such as content and speed performance
  • Generation of high quality backlinks to improve your sites authenticity
  • Google disavow to remove any blacklisting

All campaigns are tailored to your business to give you a package that gives you the best results based on your budget. Book your free SEO audit to get started, or give us a call to speak to a member of our team for some friendly advice.

How does our SEO strategy work with Google rankings

Commonly asked questions about SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process used so a websites pages can be found by search engines.


Have you ever noticed when you Google a term you see adverts at the top of the search results? These adverts are paid PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns that temporarily get you to the top of Google for the length of your paid ad campaign. You basically get charged a fee every time someone clicks on your advert.

SEO builds much more real power to your website. For example, if you Google your company and find yourself on page 9, we can build real power to get your business naturally to the top without the need for pay per click ads.

This will differ for everyone. It all depends on your competitors, how much work is required to build your SEO campaign, and your budget. During our initial analysis we will be able to give you a good estimate of where we think your Google rankings are likely to be in 6 – 12 months.

No, you’re not tied into a contract. However as Google takes 3 months to start noticing the SEO work that we’re doing behind the scenes, we recommend a minimum of 6 months to give time for Google to see what we’re doing and for you to start seeing results.

Simple answer to that is no. Wherever we or you are based should have no impact on the success of your SEO campaign. As everything is done digitally, we can talk to you over telephone or video call to get everything started and to keep you updated.

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