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Online Reputation Management

We’re all aware of the destruction online negative reviews cause to a business in an ever-increasing, globally engaged world.

If you or your business has become a victim of a malicious, slanderous or inaccurate reviews painting you or your company in a bad light then look no further as help is at hand.

Having run dozens of successful reputation management campaigns, Digitel can restore order, rid your negative review and restore your good reputation online.

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How does our online reputation management work?

We promote other websites and listings that paint you and your company in a positive light up numerous search engines like Google.

By moving the negative review down the listings and lifting positive reviews up, your customers can see the good things people are saying about you.

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Negative Listing?

A typical timescale to restore your online reputation would tend to range between 12 to 24 weeks. With any reputation management campaign timescale, there are six main factors that determine this:

  • Where the site is posted – The strength of the website it is featured on and the page itself
  • The keywords (Phrases used to find the article in question) the amount of terms that can be searched for to find the review.
  • The position/s of the negative article on the front page of search engines (The higher up the toxic review, the more work required)
  • The strength of the metrics on sites chosen to overtake the negative review
  • The strength of your website with regards to SEO metrics
  • Your budget, the more work we do the quicker the outcome

Can The Negative Review Come Back?

Should the offending article rear its ugly head again during three months of the campaign being completed we will do everything in our power to knock this back down by working up to twelve weeks on the campaign free of charge.

Should the negative review come back after three months of the campaign being completed we will look at this again with you and a new bespoke solution will be presented.

Judging The Success Of A Reputation Management Campaign

As with all digital marketing campaigns nothing is guaranteed, simply because only the search engines control how and where they show these articles.

We consider a successful campaign to be one where all negative reviews have been removed from page one for the search terms identified at the commencement of your campaign.

As with all search engines there are often oscillations with what listings feature, and therefore only when the review has remained off page one for a full three-month period do we consider the campaign a success.

Screenshots are taken and stored in a bespoke reporting centre that you will have access to for full transparency throughout your campaign with us.

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What Does Reputation Management Cost?

The investment in reputation management will be solely based on the six factors mentioned above on how long does a reputation management take.

All reputation management campaigns are bespoke, therefore to get a price we need to review this so please get in touch.

What Are The Next Steps?

Before any reputation management campaign is undertaken we would always advise you to attempt to see if a resolution can be made first. This could be the most cost effective and fastest solution.

Over the years, we have advised on how to contact the owner of the website with the negative review and ask them to remove the negative post.

If your attempt fails we would then initiate your reputation management campaign.

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Resolve your negative review

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