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With Google constantly updating its core algorithms, we chatted with Account Manager, James Ible, to discuss what businesses should do following an update to ensure that their website traffic and search engine rankings remain unchanged.

Google’s algorithm is built upon its complex systems and data that it uses to rank millions of search results. To keep up with the vast number of results it sifts through, the algorithm needs constant updates. These changes aim to improve the relevance and quality of search queries. While its latest core update in November, initially raised concerns for some businesses focussing on their SEO, it is not entirely groundbreaking. It wasn’t that long ago that Google rolled out another core update in October 2023. Although updates tend to be frequent it is rare for two major updates to be released so closely together.

Most websites won’t be affected by this change which was reinforced by Google’s statement in reaction to the update, advising “Chances are, there’s nothing to do for most creators who have already been working to create helpful, reliable, people-first content.” 

Google did however, suggest checking in case traffic or rankings were impacted and, if so, reverting to its core update guidance and reminding that high-quality, useful content is always advisable. In light of such updates and Google’s recommendations, it’s critical for businesses to understand the dynamics of how Google’s system ranks websites to ensure and secure a higher spot on the search engine.

So, update or no update, what does Google class as premium quality content to keep your website ranking top and traffic high?

Harnessing the power of testimonials

Testimonials are gold in the eyes of Google. Real testimonials hold a substantial influence on Google’s algorithm, which recognises the value of genuine reviews, especially those sourced via Google Reviews. Highlighting genuine credibility through positive third-party testimonials on your website not only enhances your brand reputation but can also contribute to a higher SEO score, improving your search engine ranking.

Where Google rewards testimonies from its review system, other review sites will also support your SEO efforts. Focus on sourcing reviews from platforms such as Checkatrade, Trustpilot, Yelp, and more.

A good tip for businesses is to always encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews to boost your SEO score.  Support this with a social media strategy that points customers, past and present, to share their positive experiences.

Elevate authority through expertise

Establishing expertise in your industry is a powerful SEO strategy. Informative blog content can position your business as a thought leader, providing valuable content for Google’s algorithm to index.

Another way for businesses to showcase credibility is by including affiliates on their website, signalling to visitors, and Google, that your business is trusted in your field.

Building credibility through backlinking

Backlinks form the foundation of credibility. Links from trustworthy sites pointing back to your website help search engines discover and index web pages and enhance your site’s authenticity. Google’s algorithm considers backlinks as a crucial factor in ranking websites. A website lacking high-quality backlinks will likely receive a lower search engine ranking. Businesses should prioritise high-quality backlinks over many lower-quality links, as the latter could potentially harm their SEO score.

Link building involves leveraging relationships with other websites to secure links to a site. Each backlink has a small positive impact on your website, informing Google’s algorithm that your content is credible and useful.

To maximise their SEO score, businesses should stay updated on the factors influencing Google’s algorithm. From leveraging testimonials to showcasing expertise and building a healthy backlinking profile, focussing on these elements can positively impact a website’s online visibility, ranking and overall brand awareness.

Want to learn more about Google’s algorithm and how it can help your business, then contact one of Digitel’s SEO experts.


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