To comply with GDPR laws, every business website must inform users about the data that it collects.

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What is GDPR and why should I care?

The General Data Protection Regulation standardises data protection law across and imposes strict rules on controlling and processing identifiable information. All websites collecting data from EU citizens must meet these GDPR requirements, regardless of industry or sector.

Non-compliance also carries with it the potential for a significant fine, if the data is mishandled. This fine is capped at €20 million, or 4% of your global annual turnover for the preceding fiscal year, whichever is higher.

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What are the GDPR requirements?

Under the new GDPR statutes, any company operating within the EU and the UK, or any company which handles data from those regions. The majority of websites will handle user data in some way, whether it’s storing contact form submissions or logging IP addresses/location data of its users.

The key focuses on GDPR regulations are as follows:

  1. Affirmative Opt-in – Every contact form must afford the user the opportunity to opt OUT of receiving communications. No data may be used to contact the user unless this consent is given.
  2. Cookie Control – With the rise of cookie usage among websites, the user must have the ability to opt out of cookies. They must be shown what cookies are being used, and what they’re used for. These are typically broken down into 4 categories:
    1. Essentials – These are cookies required for the website to function correctly and include cookies for things such as browser sessions, language selections etc.
    2. Functionality – This will allow the website to remember social media settings etc.
    3. Analytics – Enabling these cookies will allow location & region based on your IP address, as well as tracking time spent on the site.
    4. Advertising – These cookies will allow the website operator to gather personally identifiable information such as name, location & device you’re using to view the site.
  3. Subject Access Request – A user must be able to request that any data you hold about them is removed from your storage. With software like form submission storage, this is vital as if a data breach should occur after the user has requested their personal data be removed, you could be liable for a large sum of compensation.

What’s the solution?

By using a combination of plugins & a specific array of settings, we ensure your website is fully GDPR compliant.

We will design the cookie info banner to match your branding, so it’s as unobtrusive as possible while still performing its function. Our Gloucester GDPR experts are able to ensure your website is compliant.

We have already helped over 20 websites achieve GDPR compliance, providing peace of mind that the data is being handled correctly.

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Affordable GDPR Solutions in Gloucester

There are a number of reasons to use a specialist agency for your GDPR compliance, chief among which is that we understand the importance of ensuring no corners are cut. Our Gloucester based agency has GDPR experts in house who will be able to identify any issues that may be causing your website to fall short of the compliance requirements.

Ensuring GDPR compliance is the best way to give your customers peace of mind that their data is being treated with the utmost confidentiality. With GDPR solutions starting at just <£8> per month + VAT, you can become fully GDPR compliant.

Don’t get caught out and face unnecessary fines when affordable solutions are available.

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