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Through decades of sales and marketing management, Digitel have managed a significant amount of digital marketing campaigns.

We have a large in-house experienced team, each of whom have a core area of digital expertise.

With strategic planning, credible advice and realistic goals, we set campaigns that deliver results.

We have a high retention rate and come highly recommended.

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Results Driven

Like all businesses, any investment needs to see a good ROI (return on investment).

We ensure any current issues on your website are identified then resolved before we start an SEO campaign.

All the foundation work is completed enabling you out perform competitors on highly converting, large traffic terms in the most cost effective way.

Forward Thinking

Google wants the best user experience in its search engines and is always updating how it judges this, however the core algorithms it uses don’t actually change, they just advance.

To stay ahead of the game we’re constantly researching all the latest developments and best practise techniques to work in-line with Googles guidelines, giving you the best results.

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Intelligent Approach

Starting with a free off page SEO audit, we will identify high volume traffic searches relative to your business that drive sales. This information will be put into a proposal including realistic and achievable goals and sent to you.

Should you engage with us we will further examine your website, look for any issues and look to resolve them. We’ll ensure your website carries the best user experience and is fully optimised for Google.

Then your content marketing strategy can begin.


Once results are achieved you won’t want to lose them. We consistently monitor and build a campaign that works for you and your business.

As Google and other search engines advance we’ll ensure your campaign stays in line, giving you the edge on your competition.

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