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While a web server plays a vital role in the performance of a website, there are a large number of contributing factors on the website itself. Notably, these include elements such as large image files, videos, additional functionality etc.

Did you know that most elements of a website can be optimised in some way?

From compressing image sizes to “lazyloading” video players, our Gloucester based agency have the help on hand to optimise your WordPress website to the best it can be.

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What are Core Web Vitals?

Essentially, Core Web Vitals are the metric used by Google and other search engines to determine the overall speed performance of your website.

Since June 2021, Core Web Vitals play a small but important factor in both the SEO and PPC quality score of a website, and will therefore factor in the results of their Pagespeed Insights audits while determining the rankings of your website.

Our Core Web Vitals team in Gloucester are experts in identifying, analysing and optimising websites where possible to ensure the optimum Core Web Vitals score, affording our clients the best results with their SEO & PPC campaigns, along with an enhanced user experience on the website resulting in lower bounce rates and ultimately, more conversions.

Core Web Vitals Metrics

Core Web Vitals are broken down into 6 metrics, each with its own percentage value of the total score:

  1. TBT – Total Blocking Time
  2. FCP – First Contentful Paint
  3. TTI – Time To Interactive
  4. CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift
  5. Speed Index
  6. LCP – Largest Contentful Paint
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What’s the solution?

By using a combination of several caching, image optimisation and performance monitoring plugins, as well as extensive knowledge and understanding of the Pagespeed Insights reports, our Core Web Vitals agency in Gloucester are able to action, make suggestions or advise you on what needs to be done to improve your score.

We have already helped over 30 websites achieve higher Core Web Vitals scores, resulting in a skyrocket boosts in their SEO campaigns.

Affordable Core Web Vitals Solutions in Gloucester

There are a number of reasons to use a specialist agency for your Core Web Vitals improvements, chief among which is that we understand the importance of ensuring no corners are cut. Our Gloucester agency have Core Web Vitals experts in house who will be able to identify any issues that may be causing your website to run a little slower than usual.

Improving your Core Web Vitals score is a great way to optimise your ROI on paid ads, SEO campaigns & social media usage, and is an extremely cost effective way of reducing your bounce rate and driving more conversions.

There’s no use in paying for clicks to a website that takes an age to load.

Frequently Asked Questions about Core Web Vitals

As a relatively new concept, Core Web Vitals are just as important as the design of your website. In a culture of instant results, if your website looks amazing but takes 20 seconds to load, 99% of users will not wait around to see it. Naturally, this will result in far less traffic on your website.

At Digitel, Core Web Vitals are a key part of the websites we build, and the framework of the website has a huge role to play in the process of optimising the website for page speed. From the structure of the page, to ensuring future proof image compression, our web team has Core Web Vitals in mind from start to finish of a website build.

Running your website through a page speed tool will give you either a letter or number graded score of your website. While there are many page speed tools out there such as GTMetrix, YSlow & Pingdom which will give you an overview of your website performance, Google has a free-to-use Core Web Vitals assessment tool which is available here. This is the platform we use while carrying out all Core Web Vitals work as it is the report on which Google base their ranking factor algorithm. By using this tool, we ensure we are following Google’s guidelines as best we can.

While we are able to optimise any WordPress website to some degree, outdated plugins, themes and core files will limit the success of Core Web Vitals. This is due to deprecated code, conflicts with more up-to-date functionality etc. We perform updates to as much as we can during our Core Web Vitals process to ensure we get the best results possible for you, and don’t worry, it’s all done on a staging site so your website will not suffer any negative consequences!

As with any optimisation, we try to get the best results we can for you. The higher the score, the better the real-world results, right? With this in mind, websites do have their limitations. For example, WordPress sites are CMS driven websites, which inject a number of scripts to provide & extend functionality. Chasing the ultimate 100/100 score can require hundreds of hours of development at extremely granular levels. As a rule of thumb, our aim is to get you above the 80/100 mark.