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Digital marketing for your business or agency

For business looking to promote through pay per click services.

It’s my…

Digital marketing for your business or agency

For agencies looking to generate leads for their clients via pay per click services.

For the best ROI Instruct the Best PPC Agency

PPC Management done properly

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can be a very cost effective and fruitful way to advertise on search engines like Google and Bing. Within a short time, you could be seen by hundreds or even thousands of potential prospects all of whom will be on your website with a buying intent.

Our Pay per click experts intelligently analyse your audience, create bespoke targeted adverts specifically designed to appeal to them and get them to your website. A fully working PPC campaign will deliver increased sales and when perfected can be like a marriage made in heaven.

Pay per click Management
We do it right

Simply put PPM is where you, the customer instructs pay per click agencies like ours to increase your exposure drive down the acquisition cost and increase your ROI. We are responsible to drive sales to your site by managing your paid search campaigns in the most cost-effective way possible.

We do this by quite literally targeting the appropriate audience with a multitude of tailor-made compelling adverts.

Determining the best PPC Agency to manage your campaign should be based on the agencies experience, credibility, and service. We hope that after reading our page we can tick those boxes.

It sounds simple enough, for most however, it is not. To be one of the best PPC agencies we must constantly take tests and prove ourselves to Google.

Instructing a pay per click agency to initiate or take over your paid management service should be carefully considered. Whomever manages the campaign will oversee your marketing spend and you need to be confident that the investment you make is being invested in the best way possible.

We manage a significant monthly combined investment for our clients, and we have all the appropriate qualifications and expertise to boot. As a Google partner we are proud of our badge and the accreditations we have earnt.

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What are the main benefits of PPC Management?

There are a lot of reasons why PPC Management could be right for your business and why we could be the best PPC Agency for you. However here are a few of the main USP’s

Cost Effective – Only pay for prospects who click your advert

Fast Exposure – (Unlike SEO that takes time to gain traction) adverts appear almost instantly

Full Control – It is your money; you choose how much to invest and to which audience

Impressive ROI – Detailed analysis & reporting of data managed by experts means significant ROI’s

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What’s included?

All PPC Managed campaigns include:

We need to work together and to know your business. Its goals, its desires, it’s ambitions and its current position within the market and we also want to know you.

Strategic planning ensures a campaign that delivers. We need to know who dominates the market and why. How we outperform competition and target new areas to dominate are always pondered on, and actioned.

Once the initial campaign is ready to launch, we send our campaign to you with an explanation of why we have come to that point, and ensure you are happy. After you have approved the campaign, we will put it live.

No PPC Campaign will ever start off at its optimal performance, this is because search engines like Google will take time to understand and correctly place the adverts and at the same time so will we. Our PPC management is continual and thorough, we actively analyse the adverts and the engagement rate, we find ways to reduce the cost of the click and maximise the exposure all in turn driving up the ROI. We are proactive and driven by results, everything you want in your PPC Agency.

Our PPC campaigns give you full transparency. We have bespoke software created that enable us to provide the data captured from the month we have completed that clearly outlines total investment, traffic, engagement, and ROI. We provide this high-level report to you each and every month in your very own online cloud private portal and your own dedicated account manager will offer you a complimentary consultation call to run through this. These regular catch ups allow us to debrief you, work on targets together and get a good indication of how the digital performance has impacted your business.

We hope the above information gives you a clear understanding of our PPC Management and gain confidence and trust in us.

If you would like us to discuss a potential campaign with you, please get in touch with us.


What should you expect with our PPC Management?

When you build a house, you will need a solid foundation. The same applies to any PPC Managed campaign.

We believe we are one of the best PPC Agencies you could engage with and we know this because not only are we qualified (as mentioned above) it’s because we take your campaign and your business goals extremely seriously.

We are always humbled to be invited to manage your PPC campaign and proud to support your business and share the excitement when it delivers its digital marketing goals . You are putting your trust and investment in our hands; we will do everything we can to deliver on this.

What to expect from our PPC campaigns

Commonly asked questions about PPC Marketing

No, you do not. However, the question should be why would I use a PPC Management Agency?

As experts within our field we have a wealth of experience in managing your Google Adwords account. We can often save businesses anywhere between 30 and 50% of their current investment and reinvest this back into the marketing to drive a huge return on your campaign.

Rome was not built in a day, but a typical PPC Campaign can be up and running within a few. However, its all about the improvements. We constantly work towards lowering the cost per click and to increase your ROI. This does not happen overnight. Typically, campaigns are improved each month for 6months to a year. You should notice growth though in or around week 10.

Typically, this is a quite simple process. Most agencies do not actually own your campaign, they are simply responsible for managing it. When this is the case, we can simply request access and take it over. If you are unsure how well an agency is performing, we can also request access in the same way to review it for you.

Simple answer to that is no. Wherever we or you are based should have no impact on the success of your PPC managed campaign. The best PPC agency could be miles away. Would you rather someone great at what they do further away, or someone not qualified on your account simply due to their geographic status. Of course for maximum exposure Google likes dedicated area pages, this is why we’ve created them below. Although we don’t have offices in the below areas, it’s great to gain exposure here.

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We would love to hear how we can help your business excel online. If you need help, advice or any further information about PPC management please get in touch below.