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I want to reassure you all that Digitel are working as hard as usual when it comes to your digital visibility.  Whilst the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect everyday life, we are putting all of our energy into ensuring we do all we can to reduce any stress this will have from a digital perspective.

We have for the last three weeks taken the same approach as Google and followed Government best practice guidelines by relocating all staff to manage their day to day roles from their home offices.

Having spent the last few weeks operating in this way we are working in a well versed and systematic way that allows us to handle all queries in a prompt manner as they come in, whilst continuing to make day to day improvements to your campaign – as we always have done.

The good thing about our industry is although its not great to work on your own we are fully able to, and whether we are at the office, on the moon or at a home office work will continue as normal (obviously whilst observing the social distancing advice!) and we are still here for you, the same as ever.

We will not be attending any networking or business meetings to avoid the spread of this virus but will instead be safely and comfortably working from home with our nearest and dearest.

The staff operate through a bespoke online cloud-based channel allowing us all to communicate freely and easily between one another, and to our customers.

Should you wish to contact us, all the normal ways to do so are still working as redirects have been made.  Email or phone contact is as usual.

We appreciate things could be tough right now so we are very happy to chat anything through and help where we can in these troubling yet hopefully short-lived times


Wishing you, your family, staff and friends the very best


Managing Director


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