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Love them or loathe them the school summer holidays are finally at an end, and it’s time for the kids to go back to school and for parents to get back into a routine. Here at Digi-tel we have had a great summer, we have moved office and gained new staff members, and all of our staff have managed to take a holiday of their own over the summer holidays, so have returned to work well rested and refreshed!

The summer period is a quieter period for most businesses as staff take time off with the kids and go off on their holidays. So now September is upon us, it’s business as usual, and here at Digi-tel, we think we should take a leaf out of the kid’s books and make sure we are always learning.

By making sure that we are always learning and keeping up to date with the changes in the industry, it means that we can provide the best possible service to our customers.

We ensure that our customers stay ahead of the competition, and we can help and advise them. We have great relationships with our local customers, many of whom like to pop in and visit us from time to time.

They know that our SEO services are fantastic and due to their great local exposure, are often asking us for ideas to help them to gain further visibility for other terms potential prospects of theirs might put into Google.

Our company often attend seminars and we also run inhouse training sessions, allowing people with different skills and job roles to share their knowledge with other staff members. This is an enormous help to us, as it helps all staff to gain a wider understanding of the full range of services that we provide. It also helps us when it comes to covering work for staff who are off work during holiday time, as we have noticed this summer!  

So, when you go back to work this September, remember there is always something new that you can learn to help your business grow and make progress.


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