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If you’re reading this, then it suggests a desire to understand what the latest Google helpful update is, what it’s all about and how you’ll site will fare from it.

If you’re concerned about what this latest “Helpful content” update is, or know it has something to do with on page content and your gut is telling you that your content could perhaps do with a spruce then you’ve landed at the right place.

If you want to ensure your website is performing as best, it can within Google’s search engine results then we hope that this article is both helpful (pardon the pun) and to the point.  We do try our best not to waffle and avoid techy chat wherever we can.

Let’s dive straight in and address the helpful content update.

Google as we know wants to maintain its dominance as the main search engine and to do this, it must ensure the best user experience and relevance is achieved when it comes to the results its shows when a prospective user searches for a specific product or service.  The latest helpful update focuses on the on-page content elements featured on websites.


  • Is your content useful (does it serve a purpose)?
  • Does your content highlight your experience and skills?
  • Are your cta’s (call to actions) obvious and clear?
  • Does your content answer the questions your audience may have?
  • Will your audience be content by what they have read?
  • Does the site content keep you engaged?

Now hopefully you’re reading this thinking phew that’s my site sorted.  Let’s probe a little deeper.  This time if you answer yes to any of the below questions, we’d suggest contacting the SEO team.

Read the below and see if any of these apply to you

  • Are you producing content for the site simply to tick old school on page metrics rather than addressing your audience’s needs?
  • Are you writing blog after blog purely for ranking as many terms as possible?
  • Are you using automation software and AI to create and spin content – rather than writing it yourself?
  • Are you regurgitating other sites content rather than writing unique information?
  • Is your content causing your audience to continue looking elsewhere?
  • Are you writing the typical “500 word” per page requirement rather than writing what would be right to address the service/product you provide?

Update or delete poor content

As it’s title states this is the helpful update, so it stands to reason that unhelpful content will become less likely to rank.

If you lacked motivation to rework your site before, take this as your time to grab the bull by the horn. There are their reasons for this:

1 – Poor content will mean less visibility on search, e.g., less prospective visits

2 – Better content will show higher in search, so as this is a new algorithm take advantage of the fact you’ll be one of the first to benefit from it

3 – Better user experience will increase conversions

Make more money & grow or shrink and get left behind!

Digitel are highly qualified and experienced digital marketers that keep up to date when it comes to all things algorithmic as well as having an amazing graphic and design team.

We can help with updating any of your core pages and amending or even deleting old low quality content.

Ask the experts if you’re unsure or need support

We hope you enjoyed the above and should you require any more info then please do contact us.


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