Knowing Your Keywords And Why It Is So Important


Whether you are looking at SEO or AdWords, knowing the keywords that are worth targeting is critical to success, as if you target your whole campaign towards keywords that have little to no traffic then the results are never really going to come.

Equally, if you decide to target a national keyword with hundreds of thousands of searches, then you are going to need a big budget and a lot time, as the more searched for the keyword or key phrase, then the more competitive it is going to be in terms of how many other businesses are also chasing the same kind of search terms.

Therefore, before you start any SEO efforts, or before you start to plan your new AdWords campaign, you really need to understand the main two factors when it comes to looking at keywords, as we discuss below:


The biggest aspect to ranking for a keyword, or paying to bid on a keyword is the relevance, as if the keyword is not relevant and you get loads of traffic, it is not going to convert, and it is not going to lead to any business. This means you have wasted time and money to get people onto your website that are never going to do anything, and this really is a bad move all round. It is vital to make sure that any keywords you target, whether that is via SEO or AdWords (PPC) or of course both, they are relevant and are going to stand the best chance of turning into sales and income.


As we mentioned at the start of this blog post, it is important to make sure that the keywords you are targeting offer a decent return in terms of search volume, as if you are top off Google for a keyword that has one or two searches a month, you really are wasting your time and best efforts, and of course, money. Try to make sure that you have keywords that are going to deliver traffic and a good amount of traffic, otherwise you could be targeting keywords that have no searches, and this is once again not the right way forward.

If you make sure that you target relevant keywords that have a good search volume, then you will be well on the right road to success. For every pound you spend on SEO and PPC, you need to be earning good money back from that, as online marketing is no different to any other form of marketing, your money needs to be accountable and offer a good ROI at all times.

This is where working with an SEO, PPC or a Digital Marketing Agency makes perfect sense, as it means that you are going to be rewarded with all their skill and experience, and they can and will help you work out the best selection of keywords for your campaign – keywords that are going to deliver a decent ROI. They will work with you to design a brief that works, and a campaign that will deliver, as you do not want to be spending money and getting no returns.

So, make sure you know your keywords before you set off on a campaign voyage, otherwise you could find yourself disappointed when you get to the destination.


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