Is SEO Right For Your Business?

is seo right for your business

This is a tough question and depends on a lot of factors. This could include your geographic location, your competition, the type of work you do and a lot more.

Let’s take the example below:

Paul is a sole trader, and he works as a window cleaner based here in Gloucester. He has a few local areas in which he already works and most of his work comes through word of mouth. Rather than contact a local Gloucester SEO Agency to help him climb up the Google ladder (instead of his own pardon the pun) he might well be better off doing local promotions in the paper, radio or through his client base. However, if he were looking to expand out into other surrounding towns or acquire business contracts he may well want to explore the benefits on online exposure.

Let’s look at another example:

Sandra runs a successful Cheltenham based IT company she already has a strong local base of customers but wants to expand, she has little to know brand awareness outside a 20-mile radius and wants to be seen for national terms. This would be where SEO could be a good idea

The long and short of it is most forms of marketing comes down to two factors:

  • Will it reap a good ROI?
  • Will it gain me additional exposure?

SEO is all about utilising the internet to help prospective customers find you rather than anyone else.

If you sell a very niche product and have been trading for years, the chances are probably most of your customers will already know you, but equally on the other side of the fence if it is that bespoke a niche, reaching a higher place on Google and other search engines could in fact get you even more of the work due to minimal competition.

Gloucester SEO

The SEO team here at Digitel comprises of numerous likeminded digital marketing experts and within a short time of discussing your potential campaign they will know whether SEO is indeed right for you.

To start with they will examine your website, your competition and most importantly how many people look for the keywords you want and more often than not suggest a few alternative keywords too.

SEO is not for everyone, it’s a longer term strategy like buying a house, but in the right industry it can be a strategy worth pursuing.


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