How To Find The Right Local SEO Company To Work With


Finding an SEO provider that you can be totally confident is the right company and partner to work with can be a challenge, as if you make the wrong decision then at best, you might just end up paying for very little, or at worst, you could end up with major Google Penalties due to poor or unethical work.

SEO can be a very difficult service to source correctly. One of the biggest issues is that more and more individuals and companies claim to know how SEO works, claim to know how to do SEO for your business and can offer the world for very little money. In the world of SEO, quite often, if it sounds too good to be true then it is, but the consequences of making the wrong choice can be huge. If you buy a watch and it does not work, you take it back, but if you spend 6 months working with the wrong SEO provider, then the long term (and indeed mid-term) consequences could be very damaging for your business.

There are many horror stories about people who have signed up with an SEO company and not seen any results, and there are really terrifying stories about people who have used an SEO company that have tinkered and dabbled with bad links and “black hat” SEO, and they have ended up with no rankings and facing a Google Penalty that they will need to pay someone to fix.

But, of course, there are indeed a handful of excellent local SEO firms and agencies to work with, so let’s look at how best to find them:


As always, speak to friends, colleagues and other businesses to see if they have any personal recommendations about who to use, as nothing beats a personal recommendation, especially if more than one person mentions the same company. Always try to make sure you speak to enough people to get a good selection of recommendations, as you can then take these and use this as a decent shortlist base to the investigate further.

Search Online

If they are good at SEO, then you would like to think their website will rank well in Google (and other search engines), which is why searching online for local SEO companies is a good idea to see who really knows their industry. If they don’t rank at all, then this is not really a good sign, so always search online to see who is ranking, as this should reflect their SEO and how good their SEO efforts will be for your business.

Local Networking Groups

A great way to not only meet potential SEO companies but also understand just how knowledgeable and good they are can be through local networking groups or local business groups, as you can turn up, meet a few people and then really get to know not only who they might recommended, but also who they could be using for SEO. Local networking groups can be a great way to find people who you need to connect with, and of course, allow people to connect with you, so it really is a win win for both aspects.

Review Websites

Independent review websites like Feefo and Trust Pilot can be good places to check up on SEO companies, and also portal websites like Bark, where people have had experiences of the SEO firms and leave feedback and reviews. As always, take reviews as an overall approach to the potential company, as some people just love to leave bad feedback, but generally, reviews can be a decent contributing factor when it comes to finding the right SEO partner.

Social Media

Any decent SEO company will also be investing in Social Media, as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can often be a decent marketplace to attract new clients and engage with existing ones. One of the best aspects of social media is that people can leave reviews and feedback and at the same time, you can see exactly what the agency is doing to be proactive in their industry and to view updates and latest news.


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