How Do You Gauge SEO Success?


When it comes to providing SEO for over 200 customers, success here at Digitel is often something that varies across the board, as some consider a leap in rankings to be a success, whereas others need to see the campaign improving their sales and revenue.

Success is a big word when it comes to SEO. Your SEO company can take you from page 200 right the way up to position 8 in Google, but would you class this as a success or would you class this as improvement? Leaping from the depths of nowhere to a front-page listing is of course success, but it is not likely to increase your sales overnight, which is where SEO needs to be looked at as an overall picture, and not just by the early door numbers.

When you first start to talk to an SEO company about helping your business move forward online, it is really important to have the conversation regarding success, measurements and what you want to achieve, and whilst the end goal will always be that your SEO campaign helps to increase your business and profits, the short and mid terms goals can be many other aspects. Rankings, onsite changes, link clean ups and so much more, these are your here and now successes before you might see an impact on sales.

SEO takes time. You might see some changes after a few weeks, but the big improvements, the winners when it comes to revenue changes, can take 6 months to a year, even longer in some cases. This is why it is crucial that you identify milestones and noticeable improvements that you would deem to be successes, and then also have the long-term ambition of what your SEO campaign really should be judged on. Across the board, improving the rankings of 5 of your biggest keywords will lead to increased sales, but the time it is going to take to get you there, you need to be looking at other aspects you can look upon as success as well.

Success is a two-way street when it comes to SEO. You and your business want to see results as it will increase your income, but the SEO company or agency also needs to see success, as not only does it mean a lot to them in terms of professional pride, but it also means you are likely to stay onboard much longer and potentially look at other services they offer as well. Therefore, if you all work together to get the success you need then this means everyone is happy when the success finally arrives.

SEO is not like other services. You can pay your SEO company every month but not see the results for a few months after, but if you stop without giving the campaign enough time to really succeed, you could never see the full impact of the work completed. The work done in months one and two might not really show until months 4 and 5, which is why it is fundamental that yes, you see improvements, but that you understand the real results will come later down the line, the results that impact on your bottom line.


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