Free advice on how you can generate more leads online

how to generate more leads online

At Digitel, we offer a free off page SEO audit to all businesses interested in our services. Here is a short guide to what an SEO audit is and how it can benefit your business…

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is an overview of how well your business is performing on Google, and also how the website could be improved to optimise the Google rankings. Before we start the audit, we have a chat with the customer and find out a bit about their business, what services or products they provide, and what they think people search for when looking for their services.

We then research the customers website and the keywords that people use to search for their product or service on Google. We present our analysis on an easy to read presentation and will speak to the customer either face to face or over the phone to walk them through the audit.

What can an SEO audit show you?

We check the keywords that are the most used to see what the competitors of the customer are and to compare their website performance to the customers, which will show the customer how theirs can be improved to achieve higher Google rankings. The audit will show you if there are any faults with the site which need to be corrected, such as a www and non www site both running at the same time. It will also indicate the trust flow and citation flow – both of which are essential to have a good score in if you are aiming to be on page 1 of Google! The audit shows you where your site is on Google in comparison to competitors and what needs to be done to improve this.

How can an SEO audit benefit your business?

An SEO audit can be hugely beneficial to your business, as it highlights areas which need improvement and what needs to be done to make these improvements. It also shows customers what people are searching for, as it is often different to what people think, or there are search terms that they hadn’t considered. We work with our customers to implement changes and to build links, which helps them to climb up higher on Google. By being on page 1 of Google, your business will receive much more traffic to the website as more people are able to find you – ultimately resulting in more business!

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