Five Handy Tips for Digital Marketing Success

Five Handy Tips for Digital Marketing Success

If you’ve decided to promote your business online or already are and want to identify how to improve it further, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Acquiring a deeper understanding in the digital world can help your business succeed online where so many tend to fail. A digital marketing campaign can seem like a tough challenge, there’s a lot to take in, and with so many business owners not knowing where to begin we’ve put together a basic overview of a few best practice considerations to face you in the right direction.

Whether you are new to the world of digital marketing or have some experience, we hope these five top tips for Digital Marketing Success will help you better understand how to make the most of your digital marketing efforts, and get the results you want to help your business grow.

Research your keywords

Targeting the correct keywords (phrases you type into Google and other search engines) is one of the most important parts of a successful digital marketing campaign. If the keywords are wrong, the campaign will never work as well. Digital marketing agencies like ours thoroughly research this as it is such an important part of the campaign and will ultimately determine your online success.

A common mistake is assuming that you know what keywords people will be typing into search engines like Google to find your site. Therefore, here at Digitel we place high importance on keyword research and have specialist tools in place as well as experienced staff who can interpret them to ensure a strong foundation is built that will draw not only high levels of traffic but most importantly traffic that converts.

Focus on content generation

Internal content marketing focuses on content created for your own site. Regularly uploading content is great for your site on pages like your news feed or blog. It carries many benefits that we will cover in more depth in future articles. Simply put the main benefits are twofold:

  • It can help increase your Google rankings for a number key pages and terms.
  • It gives existing and new traffic to the site additional opportunities to engage with you.

Google loves original and up to date content and your site will benefit from regular blog posts, or videos. Of course, this must be relevant to your business and for the target audience that you are trying to reach. Text, pictures and videos all work well. The main thing is to ensure is that content is unique, relevant and is posted on a regular basis. Many companies work to a structured content calendar with set dates for the months ahead and will automatically upload content on these dates.

External content marketing is also a highly regarded strategy proven to increase online exposure. This is where content is created but unlike a blog where the article sits on your site, this time its offered up to other websites relevant to your industry (not competitors) in exchange for a powerful link from their website back to yours within the article itself. This too carries multiple benefits but the main two are:

  • It sends power from their site through the link to your website (this transferal of power is known as link juice) this helps lift your organic rankings.
  • The links within the article also sends visitors directly to you. Considerations need to be made over which type of website you look to acquire links from and the wording of these links. For more information on external content marketing best practices feel free to call or email the blogger outreach team.

Utilise social media

A social media presence is becoming increasingly important in business. If you want to spread news, share information or draw people’s attention to something, social media is the way to do it. Engaging with people on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (to name but a few) will benefit your business enormously if done well. It is an instant connection to customers and is a great way to share content from your website, which may then also be shared by others to attract new prospects. For more information on how Digitel could support you with social media feel free to visit our social media services page.

Ensure your site is fast on desktop and mobile

There is no point working hard to get your site to the top of Google if your site takes too long to load and potential prospects bounce off. Depending on what you want your site to do, and what sort of a business you run, the work you will need to have done to optimise your website will vary greatly, and it will also depend how well your site is designed at the moment. A very important note to remember is around half of all Google searches are now done on smartphones, so it is crucial that your website is mobile friendly. Please also note that there is a difference between a site being mobile friendly and a site giving a great mobile experience. The mobile friendly tool we have provided a hyper link to above in this article will not only inform you of whether your site is mobile friendly or not but at the top of the page will highlight issues to further improve the mobile usability and experience. Taking time to read and where possible implement these changes will significantly impact your online visibility. Especially since the roll out of a large Google update last year that concentrates on mobile experience rather than desktop first.

think mobile first

Ensure your business is consistent

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to digital marketing, is that consistency is essential. This applies to content on service pages, blog posts, social media, SEO and PPC campaigns to name but a few. Many businesses try to start their own digital campaigns and often struggle to keep up as they find they have taken on far too much or don’t fully understand which channels are working for them. Take social media as an example it is much better to commit to only a few posts per month that you know you can produce in time, rather than several a week which will be overwhelming and inconsistent. Your audience will become accustomed to the latest updates and this will help build brand loyalty as well as create additional opportunities to sell into your traffic base.

Here at Digitel we provide a wide array of digital marketing services and support to businesses and digital agencies alike throughout the UK and overseas. Starting off as a Gloucester SEO agency many years ago we have significantly expanded our team, bringing in and training up a large team of skilled marketeers from a range of backgrounds who can either run individual campaigns in a certain field of expertise or offer multi-level campaigns by co-working with other members of the team ensuring you have the very best person/s available for you and your business.

The above content covers just five top tips and there are a lot more than that within just one area of marketing. We have put together the above blog to highlight some basic core principles that we hope can help to steer your businesses online success in the right direction.

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