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When considering implementing an SEO Strategy for your business there are a few considerations to take note of.  Below are the 5 Steps to SEO success


5 steps to SEO success




1st – Keyword Research & Analysis 

You’ve selected a range of potential keywords (terms you put into Google) that you think customers should be finding you for, but what if there were better ones?  Keywords that carry more monthly searches or were known to convert better, or both?

Success isn’t being on page one of Google for a handful of terms.  It’s being at the top of page one for terms that convert and drive relevant inbound traffic right to your door

Having run hundreds of successful campaigns over the years, we can very quickly identify how to find these keywords.  It’s simple for us, we have Google approved tools that tell us.

Our Gloucester SEO technical team will give you this data and suggestions on what to promote and why.

1) Keyword Research


2nd – Competitor Analysis

Millions of websites already exist on the internet, is yours strong enough to reach the top?

Does it:  Offer a good experience?  Give value to your target audience?  Load quickly?

Can it:    Offer something different to the next site?  Keep your prospects engaged?

Is the content valuable and to the point?  No one wants to read waffle after all

Lastly, the geeky bits?  Your chosen web designer will have done this part already (or should of).  Basically, when building a site, Google can be nudged in the right direction if certain code and text is applied.  We’ll ensure all is in order

Our Gloucester SEO technical team will run a thoroughly detailed on page analysis of your current site and give you a tailor-made set of recommendations specifically for you and your site in an easy to understand image led power point presentation and even offer a free courtesy call with one of our in house tech team to walk you through it step by step.

Competitor Analysis



3rd – Check & Improve your sites “credit rating”

With the above foundations laid, you need to see what Search engines like Google may think of your current site.  It does this by judging your backlink profile (the associations you have from another website that links themselves back to you online) This is a huge factor when looking to climb to the top of selected search engines like Google.

In a similar way to when you apply for a mortgage you would go to Experian or Equifax first to double check your chances of approval, we to do this with industry recognised tools.

These tools identify if you have any associations and whether they are good, bad or indifferent.

Then our Gloucestershire SEO team will either perform some remedial work on the site to improve the probability of your success if required, or work with what you have

3) Improve Credit Rating



4th – Reach the top

Now comes the fun part.

We use a form of SEO known as content marketing.  In short, we create extremely valuable, well written articles that we then offer out to highly regarded websites.

This content is hugely sought after, due to both its grammar, relevance, and engagement factors to name but a few, due to this we can negotiate this placement onto sites that carry huge metrics

This content will be written for their site only and within it a link from them back to you.  This link carries a proportionate amount of power which is proven to promote you up the search engines and as more links are built so is the cumulative power with it, and as per every other campaign we run, up you will go

4) Reach the Top



5th Gauge your success and make further improvements (CRO)

OK you’re on your way up, or proudly sat at the top.

During your campaign, we will keep a close eye on how your visibility is effecting both your inbound traffic and more importantly your bottom line

SEO isn’t about standing still, it’s about adapting to new updates and trends, and keeping ahead of the game.

We use Google approved tools such as Google Analytics to enables us to monitor the prospects engagement, the pages they look at, how long they stay on your site and both to what level they convert at and how to better it.

Our SEO Gloucester based team will then then offer recommend adjustments to the site and adapt your campaign.  This term is called Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

5) CRO



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