Cheltenham Literature Festival

Here in Gloucestershire, the big event from 5th – 14th October is the Cheltenham Literature Festival. The festival is based in Cheltenham and attracts a wide range of authors and celebrities who come to Cheltenham to talk to fans of pretty much every age and spanning a wide range of interests from dinosaurs to Dickens! The festival has played host to many well-known personalities in the past, including Harry Potter author JK Rowling, Comedian Russell Brand, Olympic star Tom Daley and Hollywood actor Bill Nighy!

This year is no exception, with British National treasure Sir David Attenborough coming to Cheltenham to talk about the new edition of his book, Life on Earth. Gary Barlow is also making an appearance, and for comedy fans, Ruby Wax and Ruth Jones are just two of the comedians in town!

At Digi-Tel, we love to read a good book, and our favourite books range from Peter Pan (Keeley), to Queen of the Damned (Alan) and Treasure Island (James). In our business we are aware of the importance of literature and the effect that it can have on society. You only have to hear how often the term ‘Fake News’ is being used to know how articles online can have a huge influence on the general public.

Luckily here at Digi-tel, we know that SEO Gloucester depends on great writing, so we have not one but two fantastic content writers who are brilliant at writing original, highly professional articles that are both engaging and informative – Keeley and Lucy.

Keeley enjoys writing content because she enjoys being creative with words whether that is writing to sell more products, to inform people about something or simply to be able to let her creativity flow and produce something a bit more left-field. She says” I think words are incredibly powerful especially how they can make us feel and the images that they create in your imagination and the memories they can trigger”.

Lucy thinks the most important thing to consider when writing her articles is to think outside the box. She says “sometimes an idea comes to mind when thinking of things associated with the topic you need to write about. Reading the news and watching documentaries also helps to inspire me with ideas. I always try to approach topics from new angles which does take quite a bit of thought!”

Literature is a big part of all of our lives, both inside and outside of work, so if you are in the area over the literature festival period, why not take the opportunity to catch one of the many shows – you can find out what’s on here.


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