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Google AdWords Shopping

Google AdWords Shopping Company

For any business with an Ecommerce based website, Google Shopping is a must have PPC option, as not only is it one of the most cost effective PPC campaigns you will find, but the amount of visibility and exposure it can give to your business and the products that you sell is highly impressive.

Google AdWords Shopping results generally appear at the top of a Google search or to the right-hand side and are fed by AdWords Shopping Campaigns, connected to the Google Merchant Centre.

Gloucestershire Google AdWords Shopping Company

These adverts are driven by data feeds direct from an ecommerce website, or Google Sheet manual product feeds, and are only applicable for ecommerce websites that products can be purchased on and are HTTPS (secure).

Based on a pay-per-click model you can display individual products on Google’s search results and only pay when someone visits your website after clicking on your product image, but, because they already have much of the information before they click through, this is why conversions are often much greater using this method.

And whilst all of this might sound complicated and very technical, and in all fairness, it can be, by trusting our PPC search experts here at DigiTel, we can make sure that your campaign is up and running in no time at all, and not only running, but running well, as we will take care of the many hurdles and challenges that setting up a shopping campaign can bring for you and your business.

Local Pay Per Click Agency For Google Shopping

Google Shopping continues to grow as a widely used platform and can produce really solid profits for all types of retailers and businesses, especially as conversion rates are generally higher than traditional AdWords campaigns as the customer has already seen a product picture, price and company name before even clicking through to your website.

For new accounts, we can offer free money to spend with Google AdWords, and for existing accounts we can offer a free PPC audit, to make sure your existing campaign is working and if not, tell you what to do to fix it.

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