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Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Why do Google give out penalties?

If your reading this one of two sentences is likely

Your websites been hit by a Google Penalty

You feel your website is at risk of a Google Penalty

Some penalties can be gradual and allow us time to put a recovery path together, however some penalties can drop your website off the face of the planet. 

If your rankings have started to take a dip or have plummeted act now.

These penalties can make or break a business.  That’s why we pride ourselves on a fast acting, responsive service

If you’d like more information on our Google penalty recovery services then please read through our dedicated Google penalty recovery services page or contact us via the phone or e-mail


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Due to the amount of Google penalties we have successfully revoked, we pride ourselves on being a trusted, reliable and fast acting digital marketing agency

We have a three-staged approach to penalty removal called the 3 I’s:

Inspect                 Instruct                Improve

As depicted by our picture below (Don’t worry were not really monsters)

Google penalty recovery services

Google as the main search engine of choice has pressure to ensure it stays that way by ensuring it shows the most relevant websites for the search term you want to find at the top of the listings

Therefore, they are constantly improving their core algorithms to achieve this

Each year Google perform many of these updates.  Some small and some … well not so!

The main 3 updates are named after animals and each have their own job to do


Google Penguin

Looking at your previous SEO attempts and in specific your external efforts to promote yourself, concentrating its job to locate fabricated, spam like links.

Google Penguin Recovery

Google Panda

Analysing your websites content.  It looks for poorly written content, repetition of keywords, and duplicate content.

Google Panda Recovery

Google Pigeon

Used to help promote local businesses to show up in local results.  It looks at local presence online, geo location and local directories.


Google Pigeon Recovery



These three main algorithms and more sit underneath an all-encompassing entity Google called Hummingbird.  In a way, you could think of it like the line manager for the above 3 animals.  Each one sends it information up to it.  Hummingbird is boss

Hummingbird Recovery

Rank Brain

Within the last 12 months Google launched a further update to their core algorithm Hummingbird.  Known as Rank Brain, Google rolled out its first artificial intelligence algorithm.  Designed to look at user experience and act as you and I would, it looks for ease of navigation, relevance and speed.  It also looks at mobile experience.  Again, this sits below the boss (Hummingbird) alongside the other 3 animals

Rank Brain

Why have we been hit by a Google Penalty?

Throughout the years as Google has improved how it determines who is held in prime positions, certain agencies in digital marketing will try and find ways to manipulate this to give their paying customers quick wins and prime positions where perhaps they really shouldn’t have (we call this type of fabricated work black hat)

If you have had a penalty it could be to no fault of your own, and simply that a common mistake has been unknowingly made, or you could have had a fabricated growth due to certain methods that have been taken by agencies brought in throughout the past.

We don’t judge, after all if you were offered the chance to be at the top of Google and within a small time why would you question it


Avoid SEO black hat practices

How do we fix our Google Penalty?

By utilising our 3 I’s approach we can inspect the problem be it poor link building, duplication and or quality of content and user experience.

We will then put together a detailed plan of action including what needs to be done, by whom and in what time

After these measures have been put in place we will then give you guidelines of how to move forward with a better strategy that will improve your visibility and increase your conversions again

What does it cost?

As each campaign will vary based on which penalty/penalties you have and equally the severity it is impossible to say without investigation.

The good news is that before we commence any work we will perform a free analysis and identify the problem areas.

What’s the next step

Simply call or e-mail us now for a detailed analysis that if taken up will give you the confidence to let us help you remove your Google penalty now


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